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Important details for the 2021 Lefaivre Lions bass tournament


1.    Mask and social distancing should be respected.

2.    Due to Covid-19, there will be no restaurant and no bar on the site.     
    The Lions Club will sell muffins and coffee in the morning.

3.    Registrations in the morning will start at 6:00am.

4.    Tournament hours are 7:00am – 15:00pm.

5.    By earth or by water, make sure to report at the live-well inspection station.

6.    The weigh-in will be done after the boat is out of the water. After weigh-in you will go to the release point to release your fish, supervised by the tournament officials. Then you can leave.

7.    We are asking you to be patient and to show a high standard of sportsmanship.

8.    The winning teams will be informed by email and the list will be posted on Facebook and on the Lions web site:  www.lefaivrelions.com 

Have a great tournament!