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Please note that these regulations are based on tournaments from the past years, without the sanitary measures that are now enforced. More details will follow shortly.
Thank you for your understanding!


            For emergencyMartin  613-229-1626

The late weigh-in penalty is 1 pound per minute late. Teams more than five minutes late will be disqualified.

* Bass have to be weighed-in before the boat is out of the water. Otherwise, the team will be disqualified.


2.         ELIGIBLE FISH:
Only largemouth and smallmouth bass, caught on designated tournament waters are eligible for weigh-in.

a)        A 1 pound penalty will be assessed for fish which are dead at the time of weigh-in. The tournament Director alone has the sole authority to assess the status of the fish.

b)        All fish weighed in during the tournament shall be released alive. No competitor may keep a fish as a trophy or for other purposes.

c)        Only five (5) bass may be weighed-in per day.

d)        Competitors may weigh-in fish at any time during the tournament hours. A fish which has been weighed early will count towards the team’s total weight and cannot later be replaced by another fish.

e)        Standings will be based on the total weight of a maximum of five bass per day, less penalties.

f)         All bass must be a minimum of twelve (12) inches, measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail.



a)      All waters accessible by boat from Tournament Headquarters are deemed to be tournament waters, unless specified by the tournament Director prior to blast off. No fishing is permitted within 200 feet on each side of weigh-in.

b)       Teams must remain on tournament waters during tournament hours unless they have withdrawn from the competition or have weighed-in their fish and have finished fishing. When a team has weighed-in five (5) fish, the team is not permitted to continue fishing on tournament waters for the balance of the day.

c)      Boats must remain 150 feet apart at all times during tournament hours, except in the weigh-in area. No one is permitted to board a competitor’s boat during tournament hours except for tournament officials.

d)         No competitor may leave his boat during tournament hours except for emergency or if the team has returned to Tournament Headquarters and is under the supervision of a tournament official.



a)         Only artificial baits are permitted. No live bait or preserved bait may be used, with the exception of pork strips and pork rind.

b)         Only fish taken by angling are eligible. Trolling is not permitted.


5.         EQUIPMENTS:

a)        Functioning live-wells are mandatory on all boats. Boats which are not equipped with a live-well may substitute a cooler or similar set-up, provided it is inspected and approved by tournament officials prior to blast off. Fish kept on a stringer or non-approved live-well are not eligible for weigh-in.

b)        Life jackets must be worn whenever the boat is moving under power of the main motor, even if the boat is moving at idling speed.

c)        Kill switches must be functional and used when operating the main motor.

d)       Teams are required to affix supplied number to their main motor. Teams that do not obey this rule will not be permitted to compete until they do.


6.         PRIZES:

a)         Advertised prize purses are based on 90 teams.

b)        In the event of a tie in any prize position, the prize money for that position and the next lowest will be combined and split equally between the tied teams. The same method will be used for multiple team ties.

c)        A tie for first or second in the Big Fish pool will result in an even split of the prize money. 



a)         Competitors are required to have their boats checked by tournament officials prior to the tournament.

b)         A boat and all of its contents may be inspected at any time during the day by tournament officials.


8.         BOAT INSURANCE:

          Proof of boat insurance must be made available at any time it is requested by tournament officials. A minimum of $1 Million liability coverage is required on all boats.



            When moving from one location to another under power of the main motor, the maximum number of fish permitted in the live-well is five (5) per team. If you are caught with more than the permitted limit, your fish will be culled down to the permitted limit, stating with the largest bass in the live-well.


10.       RULINGS:

a)         The tournament Director has the discretion and authority to disqualify competitors for any violation of the tournament rules without refund of their entry fees and to cancel or postpone the tournament in the event of bad weather. All decisions made by the tournament Director are final and not subject to appeal. (No protest accepted).

b)         Competitors are expected to adhere to a high standard of professional behaviour and sportsmanship, courtesy and safety. Public displays of unsportsmanlike conduct, will result in immediate disqualification of the team.






                                          HAVE A GOOD TOURNAMENT!