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During the prizes ceromony at the Bass Tournament this year, a touching tribute was paid to Yves Lacombe, founder of our Bass Tournament.

 The annual Lion’s Club Open bass tournament dates back to 1993, when it held its first tournament, thanks to the initiative of Yves Lacombe, himself an avid and enthusiastic fisherman and a member of the Lion’s Club.   A native of Lefaivre, Yves has been addicted to fishing since he was a young boy.                         

 The first time Yves organized the tournament, he worked very hard to make sure everything was in order, as he was the only one who knew how a fishing tournament functioned, as the other members of the organization were not fishing enthusiasts.  However, Yves was very confident that such a tournament would have a positive outcome, since the site and its river that abounds with a variety of fish lends itself well for the holding of this tournament.  Unfortunately that year, only 15 teams registered.

 Needless to say, the first years of this tournament were very difficult for Yves, since in addition to attracting so few teams, he also had to convince the Lion’s Club year after year about the importance of holding this tournament.  The members were quite doubtful that it would ever become successful.

 Thanks to Yves’ perseverance and tenacity, the tournament finally met with success.  Year after year, entries increased and the annual Open bass tournament became sought after by amateurs originating from Ontario, Quebec and northern parts of the United States.  Finally, the tournament had earned its reputation.

 Yves held the title of president of this tournament for many years, but for approximately the last 6 years, he participated as a fisherman and volunteer.  Today, he took part in the tournament in the company of his son François.

As most of you are well aware, Yves is courageously battling cancer.  As a token of our appreciation and to thank him for his involvement in this tournament, the Lion’s Club is proud to announce today that this tournament will be known from now on as the    YVES LACOMBE OPEN BASS TOURNAMENT